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 Posted: Fri May 2nd, 2008 03:35 pm
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Javal. Thank you for that heads up. I'm not really a fan of watching shows on the computer but I might check it out anyway.

I did see at the end of last night's episode that folks can purchase the entire series on DVD for $40.00 plus s&h. It would make a wonderful gift to my sister and her husband. He is a career Navy man who has spent many a day on aircraft carriers.

In fact, he tells us that he gets to missing the ocean and wants to go again but it is so complicated to go off and leave the family behind. You can't have it both ways--- family and aircraft carrier duty.

 The PBS show did film that wonderful gesture of the Navy to allow certain sailors and officers to take their kids on the ship. Oh, I would have killed for that opportunity myself! I could PRETEND to be a Navy man's kid. In fact I WAS, back in the forties, but my dad trained on a battleship.

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