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 Posted: Sat May 3rd, 2008 03:29 am
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My Uncle quit school, lied about his age and joined the navy. He was on an LCI.. landing craft infantry.. 20mm bow gunner. He made the landings at Anzio, Salerno, North Africa, and then went to England. On D-Day, he and his ship ferried toops in to the beach at Utah all day and at D+2 he was at Omaha taking on walking wounded. He returned to the US, married my Aunt, got orders and picked up an LCI at a small town in Indiana, floated it down the Ohio to the Mississippi, to the gulf, then down the Atlantic Coast to the Panama Canal,to the Pacific. After outfitting in Washington State, he went to the S. Pcific and participated in the landings there.
after the war, he becme the first married man to graduate from Florence Alabama High School and then was a graduate of Auburn University in Forestry..what a time he had..
and yes it WAS the Greatest generation!!!
I salute him every day of my life!

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