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 Posted: Fri Jun 9th, 2006 07:32 pm
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Hey Folks,

I was there over the weekend while attending and giving tours for the GDG Muster, and got a chance to see what's going on at Hunterstown while leading a tour of it for a group.  They're already breaking ground on the west side of the field (the power plant that Steve spoke of has all but obliterated the east side) so things don't look good.

I recently wrote an article on the Hunterstown battle for America's Civil War magazine that will hopefully be published soon, and help give some PR to the fight for the land.  Besides the power plant, it's otherwise a pristine battlefield, complete with 1863 farm buildings, and the site of newly-minted BG George Custer's very first mounted cavalry charge.

If we lose it, we lose history.  Big time.  They may as well build that damn casino right in the middle of it.


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