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 Posted: Sun Jun 11th, 2006 01:15 am
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You may have seen the story on the Jenkins House in Murfreesboro, Tn  in the CWI news section. 

The Home was used as a hospital  by both sides during the battle of Murfreesboro / Stones River   Dec 31 1862- Jan 2 1863

Well here is a update on the once grand Old House.

Yesterday I received a Email by Kay Morrow of the "Save the Jenkins House Preservation Group" Stating that the members of the group would meet the (City Manager for Murfreesboro) Roger Haley  to discuss a proposal. 

The proposal being that the city help purchase the house, and change the zoning from commercial to historical.   While the group creates an association to restore the house to help pay for the cost,

Less than 24 from Kay's email I received the following this morning

This morning, 6/10/06 at approx 10:08am, my wife and I were taking our girls to T-Ball games. Our route takes us past the Jenkins House. As we turned on to Hwy 24, from Medical Center/Mason Pike I saw a low boy parked on the side of the highway. 

I immediately looked up to the Jenkins house to see a large piece of construction equipment in the yard.  We drove down to Old Fort Parkway (96) to go north on Grisham. I drove up to the gate of the hose to have my worst fears confirmed. The large shovel, had it’s arm imbedded into the front column of the house. A police officer started towards us as a blond haired lady franticly waved us away.

We called Kay Morrow and left a message, we called Channel 4 news in Nashville and the Tennessean. But it’s gone! Just a pile of broken wood.

A Murfreesboro city policemen was there, so the city knew. Words cannot describe the disgust I feel at this moment.


It looks like the  City of Murfreesboro "government" and who ever else was involved were starting to worry that momentum to save the beloved old house was building and desided to destroy it before things got to far out of there control.

Another peice of history lost forever...

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