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 Posted: Sun Jun 11th, 2006 09:11 pm
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Most welcome on the post.. I know we dicussed  the house through IM..  This was a big shock  to all ..

As I posted Kay Morrow and several other members of the "Save the Jenkins house" group was  to meet with City Manager Roger Haley this week.

As for the media coverage. WSMV ch. 4 Nashville  did a small story on the house  last saturday on the 10 pm news..   And I guess the  seller was getting worried as momentum to save the beloved old house was building.

WSMV ch. 4 Nashville was contacted yesterday  and they reported the destruction of the house on the 10 pm news again.   They spoke with Kay Morrow  about the loss of the historic home.    The owner of the property drove away from the scene  on their Cell phone not commenting to anyone. and shortly afterwords the police arived on the  scene. 

Basicly what it comes down to  is just pure greed..  Instead of waiting for someone to buy the home or even  waiting for someone to maybe be able to move it to another location they destroyed  it.  according to the news last night the  house was holding back the selling of the  land. 

Their may be somthing in the Papers in the morning as I know the Tennessean was contacted as well. 

Oh I'm so mad  :X  I hope they  are haunted  for their actions for the  rest of their lives, and their future generations to come.

Steven N. Cone

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