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 Posted: Mon May 12th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Johan Steele wrote: Looking for an original Type 2 P53 or Lorenz but my eye is out for a more modern arm as well. All depends upon what I can afford & get away w/.
Try International Military Antiques. They have original Type II P1853's, made either in Nepal under British supervision, or in a British arsenal in India, or (remotely) possibly unmarked British imports (though there's no British proofs). They are available in "as found, uncleaned, untouched" condition for $240.00. Depends on how much you want to mess around with it. Some are really crappy (dry rotted stocks, rusted mechanisms, bad bores, etc.), while others are in halfway decent condition under the layer of fossilized animal fat mixture they are coated with. I bought one, and after a lot of scrubbing with Scotchbrite pads and denatured alcohol I got a keeper!:cool: I had to replace all the wood screws and repair stripped out screw holes in the wood (no biggie), and there are the expected dings and dents from years of rough storage, but the wood is completely solid ( I used boiled linseed oil on it after the cleaning). There were only shallow pits in the barrel under the wood. The rear barrel band retaining spring was rusted through and needed replacement, as did the nipple and cleaning rod. I pulled the breechplug, and it came out with no trouble and the threads clean with no rust. The bore, while not pristine (there is some heavy pitting in the first 6 inches or so near the breech, but the rifling is still there, and it's not bad farther up the bore), is still useable. I just shot the gun this weekend, in fact, though I can't hit a thing with it (I think I got a bad batch of powder, as the seal wasn't on very tightly, and with a 60 grain charge the Minie balls kept hitting the ground about 4 feet in front of the 100 yard target, with the sight set at the 100 yard mark). I also think running the cast Minies I got from Dixie Gunworks through a sizer was a mistake, since they were so undersized that they wanted to drop right down the bore. So I am going to get some new powder and use my unsized Minies and see how it does. The markings, including the sight markings, are all in Nepalese script, but other than that it's a typical Type II P1853, and for a decent price, too!

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