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 Posted: Tue May 13th, 2008 05:02 am
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This makes me think back several years ago when I was first working on the Gettysburg map. Gettysburg, being what and where it is, attracts many school groups from the major metro areas in the vicinity. I was researching monuments with the Chief Ranger and mentioned that I was a little frustrated with all the kids that were climbing all over the guns and said that I wish somebody would teach these kids a little respect for where they were. The historian replied that if just one of the kids starts to wonder about the gun, where it is, what it is aimed at, and why there is a gun there at all - it is worth having a hundred kids climbing on the gun. I would also hope that if some of these kids working on the diorama wondered enough about what they were doing that it caused them to pick up a book and learn a little more, that it is certainly worth not having an entirely factual school project.

But then, it sounds pretty much like I'm preaching to the choir here.

This may not be the place for this, but I was reading somewhere else that people were concerned that the Ken Burns series was not 100% factual. But how many hundreds of thousands of people did that motivate to learn more? I believe that most everything that sparks the electricity in the brain is a good thing - even if it is not perfect.

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