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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2006 03:27 am
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The following is the latest from Kay Morrow..
Please note the email addresses for Roger Haley and Mayor Tommy Bragg.   I beg each and every one of you to email both of them and express your displeasure with them over what happened this weekend.    It doesn't have to be a very long email, just let them know that you wanted the house saved and that respectfully you are disappointed that they took no steps to preserve it.   It might also be nice to request that they put markers near where the Jenkins House stood that explain what was there.   I would also request a response/explanation for why they did nothing.  (If you do get a response, please share with the group.) 
For those of you who are still really upset, please respond and I will send you the full emails that I had with both City Officials over the last weeks so you can see the conversations that transpired.  
As many of you know, we are not quite done with the campaign.   We REALLY need to take this last step and make sure these City officials who helped make this destruction happen feel the full consequences of their actions. If you are not interested in this final piece, I fully understand and I will remove you from further emails, but you have to let me know.  
This final piece is not meant to show bitterness (although we certainly feel that)---it is to make sure City Officials know that we are NOT satisfied with what occurred and we are NOT happy that they chose to stand by and allow this to happen.   They had a responsibility to us, the people on the petitions, and future generations, and they chose to ignore it.   Compare them to the City of Franklin--who has made strides in preservation--and tell them Murfreesboro needs to step up, or we need new officials.
If you feel like me, it makes me sick to drive anywhere near that place now.  Let's see how long the owners make us look at what they have done without even having the decency to finish the job in a timely manner.    Right now it looks like they just smashed it and left it.
Thanks again,
Kay Morrow

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