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 Posted: Tue May 13th, 2008 11:29 pm
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Here is the P1853 (type II) Enfield I bought from International Military Antiques, in "uncleaned, as found, untouched" condition. It cleaned up great, and is safe to shoot, too! The cartridge box and cap pouch came from "Butternuts & Bluecoats"; the bayonet, scabbard, and frog, as well as the nipple protector, came from "Blockade Runner", and the Parker-Hale style "sergeant's tool" came from "Track of the Wolf".

Can anybody read Nepali? I'd love to know what the inscriptions on the barrel tang and triggerguard say. I've only been able to translate the numbers "4 2 / 4", on th rear of the triggerguard, on the lockplate, and on the stock.


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