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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2006 02:46 pm
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aphill wrote: I am puzzled as to why a 5K foot race at Sharpsburg is offensive. There is plenty of precedent for such events.
Moreover, runners and cyclists already utilize the public roads that pass through various battlefields every day anyway. Like it or not, the roads through these battlefields are publically owned and are already being used for recreational purposes on an every day basis by people who may or may not appreciate what happened there. And, I do think this is a good thing. The more folks who appreciate battlefields -- even if its just for their scenic and asethetic "green space" value -- the more allies we have in the fight for preservation. We need all the help we can get. And if allowing an occasional race or other low impact, non-historical activity illustrates to more people why battlefields are important and earns us more potential allies in the fight for preservation, I say that is a good thing.

Battlefields mean many things to different people. For some, its a place to study tactics. For others, it may be a place to quietly reflect. Still others may see it as a place for relaxation and recreation. And others still who might have no interest at all in history might go there to study the birds or the plants that exist there. All of these people can coexist peacefully and enjoy different aspects of a battlefield.


Just because there is precedent, doesn't make it right.

Is anyone holding events such as these at cemeteries?

If someone wants to use Hallowed Ground to observe birds/nature, I have no problem with that. And yes, these runners can make for allies, since I have no say whatsoever as to what's allowed in a park, I say we USE them as allies whenever it's to the benefit of preservation.

Some people are under the misguided idea that historic parks are no different from state, recreational parks. If we need to inform people that an historic park is different from any other park, so be it. If they still want to pay their 3 bucks great, if not, that's their choice.

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