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 Posted: Wed May 14th, 2008 03:56 am
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Took it out to the range again tonight. This time I got some of the FFg "Jim Shockey's Gold" American Pioneer Powder (at $29 a pound - OUCH!!!). Shot at a 50-yard target. I started with the rest of the Minies I had run through the sizer. Definitely undersized - some of them keyholed, and the first couple just dropped down the bore. Used them all up, then went to the unsized Minies. Between using the unsized Minies and the better powder, it made a BIG difference. The gun is NOT a tack driver by any means. In fact, at 50 yards it shot about 12 inches to the left, and strung the shots vertically from 6" to 12" high. But at least it was consistent, in that respect. I wonder if the shot stringing was due to the sight picture being distorted by all the heat waves coming off the barrel? You could see the air shimmering after a few shots. I'll have to see if it does any better with the muzzle re-crowned, and with some better Minie balls (once I have a mould, and can control the quality myself - the ones from Dixie Gunworks are OK for plinking, but are a bit rough...). But I had a real blast (literally!!!)

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