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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2006 03:55 pm
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Excuse the language, but I guess Murfreesboro just wants to be Nashville's b!$t$. Just another bedroom community for the big city.

How many cities have their very own Civil War battlefield? Besides Stones River, why would anyone want to travel to Murfreesboro, TN? Stones River is what makes Murfreesboro unique, and this is what the locals do with this precious resource!?

I'm not up to speed with this whole Jenkins House thing. From what I gather, the owners of the house/property wanted to sell the property and couldn't care less about the house. So to expedite any "unpleasantness" with people who want to preserve the house, they instead had it demolished. Is that about right?

It's their property I guess, but where's their sense of decency and fair play?

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