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 Posted: Tue Jun 13th, 2006 03:53 pm
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Steven Cone

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I agree..  its just plain evil ... but  its somthing  that  we should use to rally behind.

Historical landmarks such as the Hiram Jenkins House not only deserve to be preserved they have earned the right to be preserved. 

The house may be gone but what happed there will  never be erased. It is up to us as Historians, History buffs & Preservationest  to pass on not only what happened  there during the war .. but  what  happened there in the last  few days..  

And although the battle to save the house was lost  we must continue the fight for preservation.  Not only for ourselves or our children  but  for all generations to come. 

The Hiram Jenkins House - A martyr for the preservation cause !!!!

Steven Cone

Historian, Re-enactor & Preservationest

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