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 Posted: Thu Jun 15th, 2006 01:19 pm
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I'm 50 years of age, and refuse to grow up!! What got me interested in the Civil War was an amusment park in NYC called "Freedom Land". It was generally shaped like the USA, and had exibits and attractions based on the geographic area of the country they were based on. They had an attraction based on the Civil War that I really identfied with. I can still remember parts of it to this day. Freedom Land was torn down about the time of the 1964 Worlds Fair, and now a huge complex called Co-Op City occupies the site. What a shame!!!

My interest in the CW sort of subsided for a number of years until I was in Junior High school history class, then went back to sleep until I began shooting black powder weapons, and had contact with a number of N-SSA folks that were shooting in the matches.

It became an obsesion after I concluded my shooting activities, and began building scale models. I found a high number of Civil War related subjects on the market, and began in earnest attempting to build a few. One of the key items of model building is researching the subject one is building to ensure accuracy in all aspects of the model. I've found a wealth of available kits on the market today, and have ramped up my research to cover the kits I build, which are mostly Heavy Artillery, figures, and Naval subjects.

Then I find myself finding a piece of information relating to something I'm working on that leads to other areas of study, and enjoyment. Of course, there's nothing like going out to view a site or existing piece of equipment. Talking to others who are dedicated historians, reenactors, Park Service guides and others interested in the War also helps find new subjects to explore. This site, and the knowledgeable folks that post here are fantastic sources on a great number of subjects both little known and common. As my modeling skills have increased, I've be fortunate to win a number of awards up to and including the National level, and my biggest successes have been with Civil War subjects.

Semper Fi


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