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 Posted: Fri May 23rd, 2008 01:44 am
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I quickly found that it was easier for me to divide the war into the Western Theater including the Trans-Mississippi and the Eastern Theater. But as time went on I found that there was so much of interest in the Western Theater including the Trans-Mississippi that I don't really have much time to read about the Eastern Theater except for my annual June reading of something about Gettysburg.

The other division of the war so far not discussed here is naval operations both Confederate and Union, river and ocean. I'm almost to the point of putting my Western Theater studies aside and just move on to naval operations for awhile.

The Civil War does lend itself to many ways of study. Instead of theaters, one could do, say, naval, land and combined operations. That contains three divisions.

One could do infantry, cavalry and artillery studies. I am partial to cavalry operations. One could concentrate for awhile on African-American troops and sailors.  You could study the war state-by-state.

You could study just political generals or just West Point generals or just VMI generals. Oh heavens, there are so many ways you can divide up the war to help get a better handle on it. But it doesn't have to be a hard and fast division. I find, too, that sometimes it is fun just to go with the flow and read a book or chase some idea that doesn't fit my neat categories.

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