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 Posted: Mon May 26th, 2008 10:46 pm
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Be very careful, Bama. That's twice we've agreed this year. (Don't want to start a trend.):shock:

RTD, yes. The definition of treason is very carefully spelled out in the Constitution; scamming people out of $50 for telling them what they want to hear is not part of that definition. You may appreciate history and remain Confederate. Take a lesson from Bama, a hard-line Confederate, who at least doesn't make up reasons why the Confederacy was actually a victim.

A favorite of mine is that, for 143 years, the Federal Government has subsidized lies about American History. Ask your history teacher (if you have one) or any teacher, a question: who selects the text books used in your school? Chances are that it will be the state and local school board. Ask the same question when you get to college.


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