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 Posted: Fri May 30th, 2008 03:11 am
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Just bought a book that has excellent accounts of what the author describes as the "strangest battles of the Civil War." That made me wonder what you guys think are the strangest battles of the war. Maybe you have your favorite strangest battles. 

One of mine wasn't in the book. It is the tragic ( for the South) Battle of Griswoldville, November 22, 1864. The battle is the only significant infantry engagement fought against Sherman's army as it headed southeast on its March to the Sea.

But the main thing that stands out in my mind which makes it so memorable is the makeup of the Georgia Militia that courageously, but futilely attacked members of Sherman's right wing. Because so many able-bodied Southern men were either actively fighting elsewhere or already had perished in the war, all that were left to fight the Union invaders were old, grey-haired men, somewhat younger "weaklings," and very young boys under fifteen.

They did their level best but were outmanned, outgunned and outgeneraled in a devastating one-sided battle that did nothing to slow Sherman's progress through Georgia.  

One poignant scene after the battle was described by a Union officer who found a fourteen year old boy with a broken arm and leg. He was lying in pain beside his dead father, two dead brothers and a dead uncle. Another Union soldier wrote home calling the battle  a"harvest of death."  Others hoped they would never have to fight such ill-prepared soldiers again.

I would love to read what battles you folks find to be the strangest ones in the Civil War. Even part of a battle could be strange, especially in battles that lasted more than one day--some part  might be strange.

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