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 Posted: Sun Jun 1st, 2008 07:52 pm
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Hello!  I'm new to discussion boards and a newby to the Civil War.  I moved from PA to Western North Carolina in 2000.  I have gotten interested in the CW in the last few years and have been traveling to various battlefields to begin to get a grip on the CW.  I should rather say that I am beginning to get a grip on the enormity of it.  I find there is no limit to it in any direction I look.  I think I have fallen into an abyss.  It is bottomless but Oh so interesting.

I have been keeping an eye on this board for about a year now and have CWi as my homepage.  This website has been a wonderful resource.

This year alone I have toured the Mobile Bay AL sites, travelled to Nashville TN for a symposium on Occupied Nashville, toured the first day of Stones River, took a 3 day tour of the NC Coastal Defenses with my local CW Roundtable, took a 2 week driving tour of the TransMississippi and attended the CWPT convention, and most recently toured Wildcat Mountain in KY.  If I have to travel anywhere, I try to find a CW site(s) to see as well.  I think it has become an addiction.  Correction, I know it has become an addiction.

Next Feb or March I am returning to visit my parents on the Gulf coast in southern AL.  I think I will drive through and tour Mississippi on my way there.  I have previously toured Parkers Crossroads, Shiloh, Corinth, Vicksburg and the battles of Champion Hill and the Big Black River Bridge.  Any suggestions on sites I should see as I drive down through the state?   I hope I can still afford the gas bill for such a trip.











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