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 Posted: Tue Jun 3rd, 2008 01:35 pm
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Thanks for the welcome Y'all (my new Southern accent)!

Dixie Girl,  Izzy is short for Isabel.

Kernow-Ox, go right ahead and 'steal the abyss'.  I have no claim to it since it seems we have all fallen in.

I forget who it was that was looking for a way to organize the war into managable subtopics.  I can only say, "Lots of luck pal.  So am I."

Since I have absolutely no military background, I find the size of companies, battalions, brigades, corps, etc, hard to picture in my mind.  In fact all the 'military vocabulary, weaponry, etc' has been a major problem for me to get a grip on.  I find that going to the battlefields and museums has been an enormous help in putting everything into scale.  All the books I have read do not do justice to seeing the actual battlefields.

In fact I feel as though I am back in college.  The amount of preparation in research and reading before I even get out the door has been tough to keep up with.  I also find myself looking for books that contain driving tours and good tactical maps of the battlefield.   For example, the Spruill book on the Battle of Stones River is an excellent driving tour resource and I scheduled at trip to the battlefield because of the book.  (By the way, the only time to do a driving tour of a battlefield in an urban setting is from dawn to about noon on a Sunday.  Otherwise I find that I tend to get run over by other drivers.)  

Wittenberg/Petruzzi also tend to put driving tours into their books.  I'm champing at the bit to go on the driving tour of Jeb Stuart's ride to Gettysburg as well as Lee's retreat.  I lived in Warrenton VA for a year before I moved to WNC.  I was not interested in the ACW at that time.  I could just kill myself now for all the missed opportunities I had to look over that area of the war.  Oh well.



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