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 Posted: Thu Jun 5th, 2008 02:45 am
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Actually that is exactly the book, but I (not too artfully) didn't name it so that folks would come up with their own favorite strange battles. But I should have known the avid book lovers here would guess the book right away.:D You can't fool the folks at CWi.

Anyway, I'm still hoping folks here can name some strange battles or even portions of battles. I thought we'd know amazing ones not even included in that book, though I was pleased to see one of my own personal favorite "weird" battles is in it.  

I was hoping everyone here could come up with an even longer list and just as interesting a list as the author of the book. I am not disrespecting his book. Like Susan, I pick it up when I have a short amount of time. I don't read a lot of Civil War collections, but this one is quite good, enjoyable and informative as collections go.  


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