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 Posted: Fri Jun 6th, 2008 01:06 am
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JDC Duncan,  I go for the intellectual side in all things.  I'm not a brain, but like a moth to the flame, I end up with my nose in a book.  I prefer non-fiction although occasionally I will read fiction.  I have limited bookshelf space so I have to limit my purchases.  Right now I am in the travel mode so I study about the CW where I am going. 

I have several older folks that are going to need more attention and care in the near future.  Meanwhile I am on a marathon mission to get out and see as much as possible before I get grounded by the duties of eldercare again.

I doubt I will ever reenact.  I have worked out on the farm all my life and am now tired of being outdoors all the time.  I sunburn badly and get sun poisoning quickly now.  Those days are over.  I leave the reenacting to you and others.  It is a great educational service.  I appreciate the effort that goes into it but it is not for me. 

However, come to think of it, I do love guns.  That 12 gauge shotgun I had beat the H out of me but it sure was fun shooting 'trap'.  I had a 357 magnum too.  Loved it.


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