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 Posted: Sun Jun 8th, 2008 03:30 am
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ladies and Gentlemen,

I just returned last night from my annual battlefield trip....13.5 hours in an SUV from gettysburg to Central Il.

We spent the majority of our time visiting Culps hill, the East Calvary Field and the Devil's Kitchen... our guide, a retired plastic surgeon, said that we were 1 of about 1,000 visitors that want to see these sights and have them interpreted for us...he was a gem!... we also sought out and found without the help of a guide the rock that Gen Brooke carved an "X" on after being wounded.. it is on the edge of the wheat feild (well, off the edge in the woods)

At Antietam we were treated to a tornado... no damage to the park, but a sycamore was dropped onto the path leading to Burnside not THAT sycamore.. what a storm.. we waited it out with plenty of Yengling beer at the bar/resturant in Sharpsburg..

We also went to harpers Ferry and Charles Town and had a wonderful tour of the courthouse by a bailiff, followed by a visit to the hanging site. We had been there before and the owner's son took us on a tour of the grounds this time as the owner is in Florida. The home is for sale ...home on the grounds of the hanging site . (John Brown)

good Cigars,Good  Bourbon, Good friends ( we all met as college freshmen 44 years ago and consider ourselves a family)... see what you have in store RTD and DG... the very best is yet to come!..


Next year we will go to my hometown and thence to Shiloh and then Vicksburg!

What a trip


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