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 Posted: Tue Jun 10th, 2008 01:32 am
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I love the Burg but since visiting since 1991 I have learned alot about what the guides will tell you and sometimes what really happened. It seems you had a good one and if you ask questions and they know you have some kind of smarts about the battle they will indeed tell you more of the truth of the story as to the basic 2 hr tour. In fact LRT was not that important at all and although I have seen on video and written in books how important it was to the battle it really had little effect. Lee himself knew that and that is why he ordered the attack up the Emittsburg Road..Hoods men because of the tangled mess of the landscape ended up there and not by choice. That was the reason for Hoods protest of course is that he was orderd to attack up the Emmittsburg road in front of the round tops...There are more facts as such all around the field if you want to read about it...

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