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 Posted: Tue Jun 10th, 2008 04:40 pm
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Have to agree with youthere...I also felt that the exibits were confusing and the quarters are tight. I thought that the laying out of the Visiters Center may have been done a bit better..There are displays set up before you go into the Museam that take a lot of room up for such a small display and that room could have been used to expand the room in the exibit area. I was a bit dissapointed in the film they showed I think it was called "A new birth of freedom" that I paid 8 bucks to see. Informative to the non history buff but for someone who studys this period it really was a waste of money..The sound and projection are first class as is the seating so there was some plus to the endeaver. I like to looks of the outside of the building and think it does blend well with the landscape..The gift shop is a bit pricey but I guess they have to make some money somewhere..The airport style lines to get to the desk are a little unwelcome and seems to add an odd touch to the overall setup. The food in the cafeteria was nothing to write home to Mom about other than it also was a bit costly.
But all in all it is an improvement over the old visiters center that lies where Zieglers Grove was and I am told that once the Old center is down the Grove is to be replanted there...And thats a whole other story for Picketts charge that can be studied on. Hence I am convinced that the attacks were to end up there at the Grove
and not the Angle..A little study into the attack will convince the non believer since the Copse of trees at the time of the battle were only about 12 feet high and breaking the line there had no advantage..But the Grove had many advantages to assult Cemetery Hill...Well I could go on and on but thats not what this post is about...
Hope you all get to go there this summer it is my favorite field and I love the place..Would live there if it wasnt for the wife...;)

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