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 Posted: Wed Jun 11th, 2008 03:02 am
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I have started to read it. I even stopped in the middle of another book. I don't like to do that, but for this book I couldn't wait. I do like the way it is written. My only complaint so far is that the print is so darned tiny. It is easy to figure out why the print is that small. The book would be 900 pages long if the print were more readable.

I got a kick out of the authors and others who helped with the research who call themselves "Retreatistas," people who take a very special interest in the aftermath and retreat from Gettysburg. So many people study just the Battle of Gettysburg, itself or the advance to Gettysburg and the battle, but stop at the end of July 3.

After reading Kent Masterson Brown's book I became kind of a minor Retreatista myself, because his book was so instructive. Now this new book is already shaping up to be just as compelling, so I will be a staunch Retreatista.:D

Susan, I hope your copy has arrived.

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