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 Posted: Thu Jun 12th, 2008 08:33 pm
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Cleburne Fan,

All I can say is that I sincerely hope that you're not disappointed.

By way of some background...

I first became interested in the retreat from Gettysburg 15 years ago, when I was actively researching John Buford's role in the Gettysburg Campaign.  I discovered aspects of the campaign that I was completely unaware of, the retreat being most notable.

I eventually decided to do a book-length study of it, but those plans were shelved when I met Kent Brown. 

However, when I found out that the focus of Kent's book was logistics and that the primary emphasis was on the Army of Northern Virginia, I realized that there was, indeed, still an opportunity.

Our book is intended to complement his.  Ours has a very heavy focus on the Army of the Potomac and is very tactical.  We decided to follow Meade's decision-making process to see whether he made the right decisions along the way.  These areas complement what Kent did.

To give credit where it's due, Mike Nugent did a superb job with those driving tours.  They are brilliant, and the idea to add the GPS coordinates was even more brilliant.

That book represents 15 years of my research into some very obscure sources and a LOT of time spent on the ground.

I hope that you enjoy it and that you see a different merit to it than what you found in Kent's book.


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