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 Posted: Thu Jun 12th, 2008 11:02 pm
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I have not gotten around to reading the various theories about 'the cause' of the war.  I have several books on the subject that I have just not had the time to read yet.  From what little I know of it, it sounds to me like a silly argument trying to come up with one explanation or theory.  Consequently, I think Jarvis' article is just more 'noise' on the subject. 

However, I think the role of the north in the institution of slavery does need to be more forward.  Entries from my family genealogy book regarding a couple of relatives from Connecticut show one's foundry was bankrupted by the war and another earlier relative was a "pioneer cotton manufacturer".  My southern paternal line lost a plantation in Mississippi as well.  Both sides of my family were up to their eyeballs in the 'peculiar institution' in their various ways.


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