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 Posted: Fri Jun 13th, 2008 01:24 am
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Hello, Kernow-Ox...

Shelby Foote, in his trilogy, does an excellent job linking what was happening in the east with what was going on in the west; linking what Richmond was doing to what Washington was attempting. He gives the fullest view of the war as I've read in many multi- and single-volume tomes on the ACW.

If you want to see the war via an almanac, try E. B. Long's
"The Civil War Day By Day : An Almanac, 1861-1865."

Compartmentalization is right; the Appalachians and the Mississippi River neatly and vertically divided the war into thirds {or even sixths if you want to count the north and south portions of each of the thirds!}.

And I'm not sure of the meaning of part of this thread's question: what is meant by "work?" What's to work out? Yes, separating the theaters does get a little dicey near the end of the war, when the Army of Tennessee does the loop-de-loop from Atlanta, to Nashville, and eventually into North Carolina.

Why the Confederacy wasted good men and some pretty good leaders way out west {Trans-Mississippi} I can't fathom. Probably Jeffn. Davis' fault; some generals were derelicts who couldn't lead east, west, or on the polar ice caps!

Just remember that all the theaters, including the NAVAL and AERIAL operations, were inter-related in some way {butterfly effect in American History?} to how the war twisted and turned and finished.

Artor"Keep On Readin'!"Bart

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