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 Posted: Fri Jun 13th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Thanks for all the kind words, folks!

We hope that when you get through the book, that you felt like you've been on a tough, but enjoyable and educational ride in the saddle.  The retreat has long fascinated me since the cavalry bore the brunt of most of the fighting.  While most folks were studying the Gettysburg battlefield, 25 or so years ago I was trying to trace the armies' tracks in such places as Monterey Pass, Hagerstown, Williamsport, and Falling Waters.  The story of the retreat has long fascinated me and I'm so glad that Eric, Mike and I were able to finally tell this worthy story of those long, arduous ten days.

As Eric said, along with Mike's other work on the book, he did a world-class job on the tours in the back, and tediously laying out all the GPS coordinates.  We also plan at some point to do the same for the Plenty of Blame to Go Around tours - we think the GPS is a neat addition to them, and until now no one has included this feature.  With GPS, you KNOW you're on the right spot at a particular place!

If I may also indulge the membership here with a bit of promotion help - please take a few moments, when you can, to post a review of the book on  Insiders tell us that sales of a book really spark when there are 10 or more 4 and 5 star reviews.  And seeing the comments of folks who enjoy your work is wonderful beyond words.  It's like someone telling you that your child "done good."  My heart swells with humble pride everytime someone tells me they like what I've done, and I know Eric and Mike feel the same.

I look forward to hearing what folks think of it!

Best regards,



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