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 Posted: Fri Jun 13th, 2008 08:56 pm
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Yes, in the general public Lincoln is overly lionized, but we are studying history (don't guess too many of could be called historians) on these boards. We ought to know better.

St. Lincoln is an invention of revisionist, resentful, southern sympathizers who, finding little legitimate reasons to attack the man's work and his many mistakes, attack his legacy and those who study and admire him. (I don't consider you among that bunch, by the way; I give you more credit than that.)

History was what it was. Facts remain the same; interpretation of those facts do not. I think I know pretty much what Lincoln was thinking (having been reading him off and on for nearly 50 years), but now and then someone comes up with an interpretation of a factual action that bumps me off my self-assigned pedestal. Saint Lincoln isn't one of them.


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