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 Posted: Sat Jun 14th, 2008 01:43 pm
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Here's something else:

Tiger Woods has earned a staggering $81,004,376 since turning professional in 1996. In early 1999, he took on Stevie Williams as his caddy. The generally accepted rule of thumb is that a caddy gets 10 percent of his golfer's winnings (although the arrangement Woods has with Williams is unknown). Given that Williams has been around for about $77 million of Tiger's winnings, Williams himself theoretically has earned $7.7 million (given the 10 percent rule) walking the same fairways as Woods. That would put Williams 110th on the PGA Tour career money list without ever having taken a stroke.

I wonder how that makes Larry Mize feel? Mize would be after Williams on this theoretical money list.

And how can I get that caddy gig anyway? Is Williams' job the best in the world?

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