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 Posted: Sat Jun 14th, 2008 02:13 pm
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I started this thread to discuss something I find interesting, namely that at various times and for various reasons historians follow specific slants, filters or schools of thught when writing about history. I specifically mentioned an essay by Gail Jarvis that appeared on Lew To date, there have been 22 responses to that original post and not ONE has been on topic. The vast majority have been slamming Lew Rockwell and his site. It seems that I committed a sin of the first magnitude by mentioning the site.

Lwe Rockwell is simply a place where a divergent number of folks publish their thoughts. Some write satire, others report on the economy, yet others poke fingers at the government and still others discuss politics. One even writes about his love of food...
Johan admits he has not read the article and still dismisses it because it appears on LRC and goes on to declare the writers to be Anti US...HUH? Which ones?, why? do their articles appear elsewhere or is LRC the exclusive window to the world for these anti Americal folk?

Ole, when I state that Lincoln has become deified, does everything but pat me on the head and say "there there little boy, its all right, I know you aren't one of THEM". meanwhile everyone else is circling the wagons to protect Abe.

If I sound fustrated and angry, it is because I am.


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