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 Posted: Sat Jun 14th, 2008 03:47 pm
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Bama46 wrote:
Lwe Rockwell is simply a place where a divergent number of folks publish their thoughts. Some write satire, others report on the economy, yet others poke fingers at the government and still others discuss politics. One even writes about his love of food...
Johan admits he has not read the article and still dismisses it because it appears on LRC and goes on to declare the writers to be Anti US...HUH? Which ones?, why? do their articles appear elsewhere or is LRC the exclusive window to the world for these anti Americal folk? Yes, and often.  On everything from a New Rebellion site that preaches outright support of the belief Timothy Macveigh was a martyr and goes so far as to support Al Queda, several White Supremist sites a couple neo nazi ones and my favorite is a staple of the Holocaust Denial movement.  I see nothing credible from the site, ever.  My opinion of the site is just that, my opinion but frankly I wouldn't spare the sweat from my left...  arm.  You are smarter than that and I have more respect for you.  Whenever I see someone I know to be intelligent and decent link to that site I shake my head in disbelief and realize that even the best can be suckered. 

Ole, when I state that Lincoln has become deified, does everything but pat me on the head and say "there there little boy, its all right, I know you aren't one of THEM". meanwhile everyone else is circling the wagons to protect Abe.

If I sound fustrated and angry, it is because I am.


Get frustrated get angry, now you understand how we who study history and the words of the people who were actually there feel about the nutbars at Lew Rockwell.  Just don't try to post too much that might be viewed as positive toward the US, her history or the men who defend her (past and present).  There are those that would call such a view a lie or ill informed... dare to praise the Emancipation Proclomation, the USCT or the accomplishments of the US soldier there and see what happens.  And God forbid Lincoln be viewed as anything but the anti-christ there.


Yes I rank that site up there with klan, nazi & holocaust denial sites.  I see little difference as all share one common thread; an absolute hatred of the US.  Though they cloak it in something else, dig deep enough and it's there... and I have never had to dig very deep.

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