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 Posted: Mon Jun 19th, 2006 01:17 pm
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I wonder how many read this story we ran a couple of days ago. I stewed about it all weekend, and just keep getting angrier. I guess now we're supposed to educate only about the "comfortable" aspects of our history. IMO, any self-respecting reenactor would refuse to attend any events at this place in the future.....

"Civil War re-enactor Tim VanRaemdonck said he was just staying in character when he wrote "slave" as the occupation of black children on fictitious enlistment papers during Civil War Days at Crossroads Village.

VanRaemdonck, portraying an officer in the Confederate Army, was kicked out of Crossroads on Friday because of how he filled out the keepsake papers he gave elementary school students from the Waterford School District. " FULL STORY

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