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 Posted: Sat Jun 14th, 2008 04:10 pm
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Are we reading the same site....
Fred Reed, US Marine, combat Veteran and exquisite satirist, Pat Buchannan former Nixon Speech writer,
Ted Rall constant critic of Bush, Becky Ayres who doesn't like the loss of liberty as put forth by TSA...neither do I.. Walter Williams, Economist; Bill Anderson, defender of the Duke Lacrosse students who were found to be Innocent of all charges.. some fellow who doens't like Castro..
Which one of these are the folks you describe?

Frankly I don't know what in he*l you are talking about. I have NEVER read a single author on that site making any of the claims you espouse and I would NOT denfend that sort of thing...either we are talking about different sites or you have LRC confused with something else

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