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 Posted: Mon Jun 16th, 2008 08:29 pm
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I put Ted Rall in the list intentionally as I believe he is as goofy as you do, but he certainly is NOT a conservative. I have absolutely no stock in, nor am I related to , nor have I ever met anyone even remotely associated with LRC. I do believe it is irresponsible and somewhat dishonest to tarr such a divergent group with the same brush simply because their writings all exist under the same banner.
I challenge you to tell me what Williams is saying based on what you read once about Rall, Reese, or Reed.
Guilt by association is BS always was and always will be MHO
If we are having a discussion about McPherson, then it is a conversation about McPheerson and not about a hundred other writers who may happen to write on other topics but are found in the same card catalog file.
Finally, I object to the argument that if I read things on LRC then I must be one of "them" or... that I can't be one of "them" because the writer has "too much respect for me" or other such drivel. If I read Playboy, that does not make me a pornographer.

Finally I would say that I have never read an article on that site that I wouold classify as Anti US unless the author was infact not an American...often Brit writings are found on the site and not all of them love us. Are we to shun all writings that are not complimentary?

I do frequently find authors who disagree with this or that government decree or idiotic policy. Many don't like the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but that does not make them un American.

Are arguments we don't agree with not allowed?


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