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 Posted: Mon Jun 16th, 2008 08:39 pm
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Unless the libertarian Lew Rockwell tribe has changed stripes lately, I suspect a paraphrase of Jarvis’ 4 interpretations will be:


1)      Slavery, but probably not,

2)      Different economic systems in the North and the South, (but not based on 1) above ;)

3)      Trade deficit between the north and the south (the north was complicit and profiting from the non-issue of 1) above) who was forced, forced!, to pay for northern services it did not really need.

4)      Political rigidity on both sides that refused compromise (about non-issue 1) above) and was a precursor to the global political failures leading to World War One

5)      Nothing, including 1-4, above that libertarians would not have avoided…



The general tone at Lew Rockwell is to arrive at a conclusion and then find some (any) evidence to cling to...




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