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 Posted: Tue Jun 17th, 2008 03:06 am
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Well, I gotta say, this thread has me befuddled. Bama opened it with requests for feedback on an article. Instead, we've had nothing but criticism of the website itself. So I'm a liittle confused as to why, if for watever reason, you're not going to read the article, you even bother to respond?

I have of course heard about the website and never have visited it. So before I posted this I did. What I found was this: I didn't find it "Un-American. I did find it chock-full of your usual Liberterian drivel. I purposely didn't read the article because I have no desire to argue about the causes of seccession. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Having said all that, I would never presume that a particular article on there was crap if I wasn't willing to read it first. So let's go this route - agree that nobody is going to change anybody's mind about the website. Simply agree to disagree. But if anyone wants to actually read the article in question, then give your INFORMED opinion on it.

As usual, I've taken the route that will please no one. Therefore, I've done my job... =+++

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