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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 03:09 am
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I certainly did not want to start this so that anyone would feel like they needed to circle the wagons. And also, when I am part of such a large majority of people that feel a certain way, I need to step back and make sure I'm not a follower waiting in line to drink the Kool Aid. The fact is, I don't care for the myths, nor am I naive enough to think any politician will make all the right choices all the time. I'm sure living in Springfield, it would be hard to find anybody that believed that Lincoln ever broke wind.

Some of Ed's facts I knew, some I need to look into. However, I think that if you are going to make the generalization that Lincoln shot at protesters in New York and that Lincoln shut down newspapers, you must also accept that Lincoln freed the slaves. I suppose the number would be all.

So far, nothing has led me to believe that, no matter what happened before 1860, there could not have been a better president of the United States after 1860.

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