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 Posted: Mon Jun 19th, 2006 08:44 pm
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Do I think it was extreme to oust the reenactor, yes.  But I was a first grade teacher for almost 30 years.  I taught gifted first graders.  The thing about this age group is the literalness of their thinking.  They take everything as real.  They are true believers.  I remember when the school though it was agreat idea to have a living Lincoln talk to the kindergarten and first grade.  Talk about confused kids.  How could you be here talking to us when you said you died in 1865. 

Iwould bet these first graders didn't have a good back ground in the Civil War either.  I question the teacher taking a class to an event like this.  Rather wait and take the fifth graders who have studied the War in class. 

I dont have a problem with parents taking their kids to reenactments or to visit battlefields that is a totally different thing.  I had a child who was a walking encyclopedia of the Civil War at first grade. He just finished high school and does reenactmets now.   

I recently did a school days at a Middle school here in Southern California and we did have a field  hospital doing demonstratons, we had other booths too and the sons of union vets was having students enlist but all they did was have them sign with a quill and pen  a paper. 

I was with the Drum Barracks explaining a display of Civil War firsts .  We had all the 8th graders coming though during the day.  Even they had problems understanding some displays .  It was a good day though .

I also learned what kids say later to adults is always though the eyes and ears of the adult hearing them.  When they see they have pushed an adult button they add to the story.  

I just think it is too simple to just blame the reenactor. 

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