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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 11:01 am
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I don't even own a wagon so I can't circle :D

This is a discussion that could last for eternity. What I find interesting is how the opinion of Lincoln still emanates on your geographical upbringing 150 years later.

It seems we Yanks revere him while our southern brothers simply do not. 

We could argue back and forth about the EP, presidential abuses of power, etc. etc. However the heritage of the opinion holder still appears to reign supreme.

Of course others fit into this category: Nathan Bedford Forest, WT Sherman and to some extent R.E. Lee just to name a few. 

Just my opinion.

That being said I am sure glad I found this forum.  My wife just won't listen to me rant about the CW anymore!! I now have a new outlet. Thank you all!

Off to Gettysburg tomorrow with my kids!! We are biking the field on Saturday.


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