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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 04:57 pm
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  I resisted setting foot on this thread for awhile, but an accumulation of postings has now made me, to use Pemberton's words:"Compelled to appear in print."


  I must dispute your geographic theory which states that your origin of upbringing determines your level of esteem for Mr. Lincoln. I am a Texan by choice (for a few decades now). But I was born and raised in your area of the country. If your theory applied, I would revere Mr. Lincoln, but I do not. Generally speaking, my view of him is similar to that of Bama46.


  I agree with you that if the country had been split up in 1861, it would not have become a world power as soon as it did, and would probably not be the superpower it is today. In fact, if it were not for Mr. Lincoln, my predecessors would not have come here over 100 years ago, and I would not now exist. That being said, I still must judge what he did (As well as someone in the 21st century can understand someone in the 19th).

Tim K-

  You might not: "Be interested in starting a fight," but that is the inevitable result of starting a thread like this. Since you like hearing different opinions, you'll get your money's worth with this thread.

Bama 46-

  I agree with you that if someone else had been elected in 1860, there would have been no war in 1861. However, I believe that there would have been one eventually. The issues had been: "cooking" for several decades, and sooner or later the pot would have boiled over.

Javal 1-

  I fail to see the analogy of Mr. Lincoln to Mr. Reagan. Lincoln is viewed as a martyr because he died for his cause. Those who admire Reagan view him as a wise voice from the past whose advice is now being ignored. But he is not a martyr.

Johan Steele-

  I fail to understand what the CSA government: "did to its own people" beyond being generally incompetent. We can rehash our previous disagreements about the Ft. Sumter matter or the legality of secession, but it would serve no purpose. I cannot agree that secession amounted to treason.

  For those still reading- here is my assessment of Mr. Lincoln. He was one of our greatest presidents. I say that because he was a skilled politician who could motivate people to do his bidding. He stuck to what he believed, and had a profound impact on history.

  That being said, I cannot revere him for his disregard of the Constitution (The Merryman matter being one of many examples). I cannot revere him for waging what I consider to Have been a war of subjugation against millions of people who no longer wished to be his countrymen.

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