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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 06:43 pm
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Bama46 wrote: TimK
sorry, but Lincoln did not free one single slave....The 13th ammendment did that after he was dead.
Andrew Johnson never gets the the credit he deserves... ;)
The Emancipation Proclimation exempted all slaves in lands controlled by the Union. The other lands were controlled by the Confederacy, a seperate country
which is pretty much what the war was all about, yes?at that time and not bound by any piece of paper eminating from the US.But the CSA, and it's defenders, wanted to be protected by a similar piece of paper, namely the the Constitution of the United States...
The EP was issued for 2 reasons...first in the hopes that there would be a slave uprising in the did not happen
2nd to counter the pressure being put on France and England to recognize the CSA. .. That worked!
there are a few more reasons than that,. In fact, your first reason is difficult to find backing for.  Of course, considering that about 250,000 former slaves were serving *against* the South by Appomattox, one could say that it *did* happen. Most southerners were so sure that a slave uprising would be a bloody calamity,  the idea that slaves would seek *legal* means to combat slavery was unfathomable...
Joe asks who of Lincoln's opponents in the 1860 election could have done a better job of preserving the union and prosecuting the war...

Well, if we are going to "what if" then would the war even have been fought if Lincoln had not been elected?
It would have been fought later...Of course the South started taking federal property long before Lincoln's inauguration...

IMO Lincoln's greatness is largely hindsight
Must be true - in their foresight, most politicians and rivals thought he was an awful choice ;)and a determination by the Radical Republicans to make him a Martyr and thus have a moral reason to do what they already planned to do which was to rape the south in what came to be called reconstruction.
Reconstruction was pretty mild until Johnson (who freed the slaves) overstepped *his* bounds. That is when the Radicals took over...

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