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 Posted: Tue Jun 20th, 2006 06:55 am
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Steven Cone

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I think what happened is sad..  But there was good and bad on both sides of the story..

Good for the school wanting the kids to learn about the WBTS.,  what they failed to do was  be prepaired for what the got.

Was the reenactor wrong  yes and no.. they wanted a talk about the war thats what they got.. he failed to   ajust to the ages of kids in his program..

I am a reenactor and  the scv camp I belong to and the reenacting unit I  am in  put on a   demonstration  for school kids  in the area  every April..   usualy grades 3-5 .. Kids are a little older  and understasnd things a little better.     

The story gives something for us all to learn from though.. Hopefully  we all will..

just my 2cents

regards, steven

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