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 Posted: Tue Jun 24th, 2008 06:15 pm
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I just returned from Gettysburg NP this past weekend.  My kids (11 and 9) and I biked the battlefield and had a great time!!

I higly recommend bringing a bike and avoiding the car. You save gas and get a great workout while feeling right on top of the field.

My question is about collecting CW memorabilia.  My 11 year old son bought some spent rounds at a local store off the Emmitsburg Rd.  The storekeeper advertised that the rounds had been recovered from the "Gettysburg area." He also had rounds recovered from the "Virginia area."  The clerk vouched for their authenticity. They were selling for $9 a piece.

I know that relic hunting is prohibited at National Parks so my question is what is the chance that these "recovered rounds' are authentic?

Being new I apologize in advance if this topic has been broached before.  Whether they are from GB or not my son loved them and they have helped to increase his interest in the US CW as well as history itself which makes me very happy.



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