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 Posted: Wed Jun 25th, 2008 03:01 am
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Archambault, Alan H., Black Soldiers in the Civil War, Bellerphon Books, 1995.

Archambault, Alan H., The Blue & Gray Civil War Mirth & Re-enacting, Bellerphon Books, 2001.

Archambault, Alan H., Billy Yank The Union Soldier in the Civil War, Bellerophon Books, 1995. Archambault, Alan H.,Children in the Civil War , Bellerphon Books, 2000.

Archambault, Alan H., Johnny Reb The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, Bellerphon Books, 1994.

Archambault, Alan H., The Sketchbook of the Union Infantryman, Thomas Publications, 1999.

Archambault, Alan H., Women soldiers of the Union Army  in the Civil War, Bellerphon Books, 1998.


These area few books that are pretty good for the kids, informative and not too in depth, well worth the $5 a piece or so.

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