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 Posted: Fri Jun 27th, 2008 02:54 pm
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I have several autoloaders, most notably a 1911A1 that I have extensively sights, trigger job, polished ramp, new hammer, etc, etc.. but the .40 will be the first of the DA autoloaders I will own. I am still not sure of them as I see the potential for a real screwup... had a relative who was in a gunstore lookin at a Glock and asked how to decock it. A state trooper was standing next to him, pulled his duty weapon ( a Glock) to demonstrate the procedure. The trooper shot my relative in the butt accidentally. Relative went to the hospital and surgery, the trooper lost his job.
Single Action Autoloaders are safer than revolvers (MHO) and WAY safer than DA autoloaders... that is why I have been holding back. I understand the SA, but not so much the DA


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