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 Posted: Wed Jul 2nd, 2008 01:36 am
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Crazy Delawares

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Hey Al, if you're in the Yankee camp, look me up! I'll be with the 7th NJ, Co. A, 2nd Jersey Brigade! BTW, my name is Fred Mossbrucker.

The worst thing about large re-enactments is the long walks. Sometimes (and this IS the case with the G-burg Re-enactment) there'll be a flatbed that is pulled by a tractor to get you to and from the camps and sutlers. Usually the weather can be HOT and the sun unmerciful. Be prepared. Oh yea, don't go lookin' in someone's tent either unless the flaps are wide open. Be careful too about the 20th century questions. Some of us don't go down that road once we "got our wool on."
Otherwise, EVERYTHING is fun, fun, fun! LOTS of smoke and NOISE!

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