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 Posted: Wed Jul 2nd, 2008 04:09 am
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Pikers! My paternal grandfather was born in 1859. The grandmother in 1865. She passed on in 1933; he left us in 1949. Unfortunately, I was too young and too stupid to actually ask him some questions. Imagine the changes he went through. The steam tractor, Kitty Hawk, WWI and WWII. The Depression. Radio. A widowed daughter coming home with four children. Fortunately, he didn't live to see a grandson killed in Korea.

The stories are long and endless. Figure 1935. Father's widowed sister needs to be picked up in Minot, North Dakota. Take the Model A in the dead of winter, all the way up there, gather up her and her four children and baggage, and deliver her to her father's house. There were giants on the earth in those days. That was surely the greatest generation.

For many of you, that was your grandfather's time. It took a different kind of man and woman than we are used to to survive.

Worth thinking about.


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