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 Posted: Thu Jul 3rd, 2008 07:38 am
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Dear Tex,

Thanks!! And you hit the jackpot. My pin is the one featured, of a national staff officer. Once I was informed about ranks, I knew the old eagle had to be important, although it's really the gold border that signifies national.

I guess I won't do any harm by keeping the pin and medal separate, although I've been told you can get the ribbon replaced. I can hardly move the pin, so to wear it, I'd have to replace it which would ruin any value. I checked on E-bay, and it seems the pin would be in the $35-50 range of value. Not bad, for getting it free.

I also have a small collection of WWII sweetheart jewelry--pins, pendants, and rings that wives and girlfriends had made to signify the services their husbands or boyfriends were in. And I have a couple of good and rare pieces--like a quaint USCG heart pendant.

So now I wear my GAR medal on a silk rope as a pendant. too.  My CW sweetheart pendant.

When I talk on WWII I wear my sweetheart jewelry; when I talk on my CW books, I wear my GAR. But someday, like author Tom Wolfe, I want to wear a white linen dress or suit (which is what he always wears) to signify the Southern Belle heritage of my heroine, Anna Ella Carroll. And when I win the lottery, I'll be sailing on the QEII, too!

Thanks again


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